MF3361 Machining Technology Laboratory Syllabus:

MF3361 Machining Technology Laboratory Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2021


 To Study and practice the various operations that can be performed in lathe, shaper, drilling, milling machines etc.
 To equip with the practical knowledge required in the core industries.
 To prepare the process planning sheets for all the operations and then follow the sequences during the machining processes.


1. Lathe: Facing, Plain turning, Step Turning
2. Lathe: Taper Turning, Threading, Knurling
3. Lathe: Multi start Threading, Burnishing
4. Shaper: Cube
5. Shaper: Cube, V-Block
6. Drilling: Counter sinking, Counter Boring, Tapping
7. Milling Vertical: Surfacing, Pocket Milling
8. Milling Horizontal: Polygonal shape milling
9. Grinding: Surface & Cylindrical grinding
10. Slotting: Machining an internal spline
11. Tool angle grinding with tool and Cutter Grinder
12. Measurement of cutting forces in Milling / Turning Process


Upon the completion of this course the students will be able to
 Select appropriate turning process to obtain finished components.
 Select appropriate milling process to obtain finished components.
 Select appropriate shaper and slotting process to obtain finished components.
 Select appropriate grinding process to obtain optimum surface finish.
 Coordinate various machining process in sequence to get desired design in final components.