OIT551 Database Management Systems Syllabus:

OIT551 Database Management Systems Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Dbms And Conceptual Data Modeling

Purpose of Database System – Data independence – Data Models – Database System Architecture – Conceptual Data modeling: ER models – Enhanced-ER Model. Introduction to relational databases – Relational Model – Keys – ER-to-Relational Mapping. Modeling of a library management system.

UNIT II Database Querying

Relational Algebra – SQL: fundamentals – DDL – Specifying integrity constraints – DML – Basic retrieval queries in SQL – Complex SQL retrieval queries – nested queries – correlated queries – joins – aggregate functions. Creating a table, populating data, adding integrity constraints, querying tables with simple and complex queries.

UNIT III Database Programming

Database programming with function calls, stored procedures – views – triggers. Embedded SQL. ODBC connectivity with front end tools. Implementation using ODBC/JDBC and SQL/PSM, implementing functions, views, and triggers in MySQL / Oracle.

UNIT IV Database Design

Functional Dependencies – Design guidelines – Normal Forms: first, second, third – Boyce/Codd Normal Form – Normalization algorithms. Design of a banking database system / university database system.

UNIT V Advanced Topics

Database security issues – Discretionary access control – role-based access – Encryption and public key infrastructures – challenges. Information Retrieval: IR Concepts, Retrieval Models, Queries in IR systems.