MG8591 Principles of Management Syllabus:

MG8591 Principles of Management Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Introduction To Management And Organizations

Definition of Management – Science or Art – Manager Vs Entrepreneur – types of managers – managerial roles and skills – Evolution of Management – Scientific, human relations , system and contingency approaches – Types of Business organization – Sole proprietorship, partnership, company-public and private sector enterprises – Organization culture and Environment – Current trends and issues in Management.

UNIT II Planning

Nature and purpose of planning – planning process – types of planning – objectives – setting objectives – policies – Planning premises – Strategic Management – Planning Tools and Techniques – Decision making steps and process.

UNIT III Organising

Nature and purpose – Formal and informal organization – organization chart – organization structure – types – Line and staff authority – departmentalization – delegation of authority – centralization and decentralization – Job Design – Human Resource Management – HR Planning, Recruitment, selection, Training and Development, Performance Management , Career planning and management.

UNIT IV Directing

Foundations of individual and group behaviour – motivation – motivation theories – motivational techniques – job satisfaction – job enrichment – leadership – types and theories of leadership – communication – process of communication – barrier in communication – effective communication – communication and IT.

UNIT V Controlling

System and process of controlling – budgetary and non-budgetary control techniques – use of computers and IT in Management control – Productivity problems and management – control and performance – direct and preventive control – reporting.