PR8491 Computer Integrated Manufacturing Syllabus:

PR8491 Computer Integrated Manufacturing Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Introduction

Brief introduction to CAD and CAM – Manufacturing Planning, Manufacturing control- Introduction to CAD/CAM – Concurrent Engineering-CIM concepts – Computerised elements of CIM system– Types of production – Manufacturing models and Metrics – Mathematical models of Production Performance – Simple problems – Manufacturing Control – Simple Problems – Basic Elements of an Automated system – Levels of Automation – Lean Production and Just-In-Time Production.

UNIT II Production Planning And Control And Computer Aided Process Planning

Process planning – Computer Aided Process Planning (CAPP) – Logical steps in Computer Aided Process Planning – Aggregate Production Planning and the Master Production Schedule – Material Requirement planning – Capacity Planning- Control Systems-Shop Floor ControlInventory Control – Brief on Manufacturing Resource Planning-II (MRP-II) & Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) – Simple Problems.

UNIT III Cellular Manufacturing

Group Technology(GT), Part Families – Parts Classification and coding – Simple Problems in Opitz Part Coding system – Production flow Analysis – Cellular Manufacturing – Composite part concept – Machine cell design and layout – Quantitative analysis in Cellular Manufacturing – Rank Order Clustering Method – Arranging Machines in a GT cell – Hollier Method – Simple Problems.

UNIT IV Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) And Automated Guided Vehicle System (AGVS)

Types of Flexibility – FMS – FMS Components – FMS Application & Benefits – FMS Planning and Control– Quantitative analysis in FMS – Simple Problems. Automated Guided Vehicle System(AGVS) – AGVS Application – Vehicle Guidance technology – Vehicle Management & Safety.

UNIT V Industrial Robotics

Robot Anatomy and Related Attributes – Classification of Robots- Robot Control systems – End Effectors – Sensors in Robotics – Robot Accuracy and Repeatability – Industrial Robot Applications – Robot Part Programming – Robot Accuracy and Repeatability – Simple Problems