IM4211 GIS Laboratory Syllabus:

IM4211 GIS Laboratory Syllabus – Anna University PG Syllabus Regulation 2021


 To Demonstrate and Acquire skills in using GIS software package.


 Data Input – Onscreen Digitization – Creation of Point, Line and Polygon layers
 Projection, Re-projection and Coordinate Transformation of Maps
 Attribute data input and Measurement of Distance, Area
 Linking External Database and Tabular Data Analysis using SQL commands
 Generating Graphs, Charts and Diagrams from Tabular data
 Data Conversion – Vector to Raster and Raster to Vector
 Map Joining, Edge Matching and Layout Design
 Map compilation and Design


HP Desktop Computers – 18 Nos
(Intel i7 core, 4 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD and 1 GB Graphics card).


i) ESRI – ArcGIS (latest Version) – 18Users
ii) Quantum GIS (Open Source) – 18Users


CO1 Describe the Projection Systems and their applications
CO2 Compile and Design a typical map with suitable map elements
CO3 Generate Spatial Databases through spatial and non-spatial data input
CO4 Analyze attribute data using SQL commands
CO5 Present the outcome in spatial and pictorial form


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