AE8005 Aero Engine Maintenance and Repair Syllabus:

AE8005 Aero Engine Maintenance and Repair Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Piston Engines

Carburation and Fuel injection systems for small and large engines – Ignition system components – spark plug detail – Engine operating conditions at various altitudes – Engine power measurements – Classification of engine lubricants and fuels – Induction, Exhaust and cooling system – Maintenance and inspection check to be carried out.Inspection and maintenance and trouble shooting – Inspection of all engine components – Daily and routine checks – Overhaul procedures – Compression testing of cylinders – Special inspection schedules – Engine fuel, control and exhaust systems – Engine mount and super charger – Checks and inspection procedures.

UNIT II Propellers

Propeller theory – operation, construction assembly and installation – Pitch change mechanism- Propeller axially system- Damage and repair criteria – General Inspection procedures – Checks on constant speed propellers – Pitch setting, Propeller Balancing, Blade cuffs, Governor/Propeller operating conditions – Damage and repair criteria.

UNIT III Jet Engines

Types of jet engines – Fundamental principles – Bearings and seals – Inlets – compressorsturbines-exhaust section – classification and types of lubrication and fuels- Materials used – Details of control, starting around running and operating procedures – Inspection and Maintenance- permissible limits of damage and repair criteria of engine components- internal inspection of engines- compressor washing- field balancing of compressor fans- Component maintenance procedures – Systems maintenance procedures – use of instruments for online maintenance – Special inspection procedures-Foreign Object Damage – Blade damage.

UNIT IV Testing And Inspection

Symptoms of failure – Fault diagnostics – Case studies of different engine systems – Rectification during testing equipments for overhaul: Tools and equipments requirements for various checks and alignment during overhauling – Tools for inspection – Tools for safety and for visual inspection – Methods and instruments for non destructive testing techniques – Equipment for replacement of parts and their repair. Engine testing: Engine testing procedures and schedule preparation – Online maintenance.

UNIT V Overhauling

Engine Overhaul – Overhaul procedures – Inspections and cleaning of components – Repairs schedules for overhaul – Balancing of Gas turbine components. Trouble Shooting: Procedures for trouble shooting – Condition monitoring of the engine on ground and at altitude – engine health monitoring and corrective methods.