AE8006 UAV Systems Syllabus:

AE8006 UAV Systems Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Introduction To UAV

History of UAV –classification – Introduction to Unmanned Aircraft Systems–models and prototypes – System Composition-applications

UNIT II The Design Of UAV Systems

Introduction to Design and Selection of the System- Aerodynamics and Airframe Configurations- Characteristics of Aircraft Types- Design Standards and Regulatory Aspects-UK,USA and Europe- Design for Stealth–control surfaces-specifications.

UNIT III Avionics Hardware

Autopilot – AGL-pressure sensors-servos-accelerometer –gyros-actuators- power supply- processor, integration, installation, configuration, and testing

UNIT IV Communication Payloads And Controls

Payloads-Telemetry-tracking-Aerial photography-controls-PID feedback-radio control frequency range –modems-memory system-simulation-ground test-analysis-trouble shooting

UNIT V The Development Of UAV Systems

Waypoints navigation-ground control software- System Ground Testing- System In-flight Testing- Future Prospects and Challenges-Case Studies – Mini and Micro UAVs.