AE8603 Composite Materials and Structures Syllabus:

AE8603 Composite Materials and Structures Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Micromechanics

Introduction – advantages and application of composite materials – types of reinforcements and matrices – micro mechanics – mechanics of materials approach, elasticity approach- bounding techniques – fiber volume ratio – mass fraction – density of composites. effect of voids in composites.

UNIT II Macromechanics

Generalized Hooke’s Law – elastic constants for anisotropic, orthotropic and isotropic materials – macro mechanics – stress-strain relations with respect to natural axis, arbitrary axis – determination of in plane strengths of a lamina – experimental characterization of lamina. Failure theories of a lamina. hygrothermal effects on lamina.

UNIT III Laminated Plate Theory

Governing differential equation for a laminate. stress – strain relations for a laminate. Different types of laminates. in plane and flexural constants of a laminate. hygrothermal stresses and strains in a laminate. failure analysis of a laminate. impact resistance and interlaminar stresses. netting analysis

UNIT IV Fabrication Process And Repair Methods

Various open and closed mould processes, manufacture of fibers, importance of repair and different types of repair techniques in composites – autoclave and non-autoclave methods.

UNIT V Sandwich Constructions

Basic design concepts of sandwich construction – materials used for sandwich construction – failure modes of sandwich panels – bending stress and shear flow in composite beams.