OPR751 Basics in Manufacturing and Metal Cutting Process Syllabus:

OPR751 Basics in Manufacturing and Metal Cutting Process Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Lathe

Introduction to production processes – types of production (job, batch and mass) – production processes – Lathe – Engine Lathe – block diagram – sketch – functions of each part – work holding devices in lathe various operations performed in Lathe – facing, turning, chamfering and knurling – relative positions of tool and job – Taper turning operations – Method of thread cutting – selection and arrangement of tool and work.

UNIT II Shaper

Purpose of shaping – block diagram – functions of each part, work holding devices in shaper – Quick return mechanism in shaper – mechanical and hydraulic – cross feed mechanism – simple problems to calculate the velocity – speed, feed and depth of cut.

UNIT III Drilling

Purpose of drilling – block diagram and function – types of drilling machines – portable drilling – bench type – sensitive drilling – radial arm drilling. Work holding devices – specification torque calculation – speed, feed and depth of cut.

UNIT IV Mechanics Of Metal Cutting

Cutting tool angles – tool signature – orthogonal & oblique cutting – cutting forces, Merchant circle diagram – force & velocity relation.

UNIT V Tool Material, Tool Wear, Tool Life And Machinability

Requirement of tool materials – types of tool materials – Tool wear – Types, mechanism – Tool life – Machinability – types of chips – Types of cutting fluids.