OMV751 Marine Vehicles Syllabus:

OMV751 Marine Vehicles Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017


  • To provide the students a basic knowledge about various types of marine vehicles
  • To provide the students basic theory behind the design and development of marine vehicles

Unit I Marine Vehicles

Types – general – by function – commercial marine vehicles- passenger ship, cargo ships, oil and chemical tankers , cattle carriers, harbor crafts, off shore platform, container ships

Unit II Reefers And Gas Carriers

Introduction – Types , design considerations, safety – operation and controls, precaution during bunkering

Unit III Remotely Operable Vehicle (Rov), Ums Ships

Remotely Operable Vehicles (ROV) – The ROV business – Design theory and standards – control and simulation – design and stability – components of ROV – applications, UMS operation, and controls

Unit IV Submersibles And Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (Auv)

Submersibles types – applications, AUV – Design and construction considerations – components – sensors – Navigation -control strategies – applications

Unit V Manned And Un Manned Submersible

Introduction – Design and operational consideration – pressure hull exo-structure – ballasting and trim – maneuvering and control – Life support and habitability – emergency devices and equipment‟s – certification and classification, towed vehicles – gliders – crawler – Design and construction


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