OAT752 Vehicle Styling and Design Syllabus:

OAT752 Vehicle Styling and Design Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

Unit I Introduction To Vehicle Design

Timeline developments in design – Mass production – Streamlining for style and low drag – Commercial vehicles – Engine developments – Transmission system development – Steering – Suspension – Brakes – Interior refinement – Safety design.

Unit II Vehicle Body Design

The styling process – Working environment and structure – Product planning – Concept sketching and package related sketching – Full sized tape drawing – Clay modelling. Aerodynamics – Aerodynamic forces – Drag & Drag reduction – Stability during cross-winds – Wind Noise – Under-hood ventilation – Cabin ventilation – Introduction to Computational fluid dynamics – Wind tunnel testing of scale models.

Unit III Noise And Vibration

Vibration – fundamentals & control – Acoustics – fundamentals – Human response to sound – Sound measurement – Automotive noise criteria – Drive-by noise tests, Noise from stationary vehicles, Interior noise in vehicles, Automotive noise sources and control techniques – Engine noise, Transmission noise, Intake & exhaust noise, Aerodynamic noise, Tyre noise, Brake noise

Unit IV Crashworthiness And Ergonomic Approach

Accident and injury analysis – Vehicle impacts: general dynamics & crush characteristics – Structural collapse and its influence upon safety – Occupant accommodation – Ergonomics in the automotive industry – Ergonomics methods and tools – Case studies of Fiat Punto – Strategies for improving occupant accommodation and comfort.

Unit V Vehicle Control Systems

Automotive application of sensors – Chassis control systems – Anti-lock braking systems, Traction control systems, Electronically controlled power-assisted steering – Vehicle safety and security systems – Air-bag and seat belt pre-tensioner systems, Remote keyless entry and vehicle immobilization, Introduction to On-board navigation systems.


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