OAT552 Internal Combustion Engines Syllabus:

OAT552 Internal Combustion Engines Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Introduction IC Engine

Introduction, Types of IC engines, Constructional details IC engine, working, principles – 2 & 4 stroke engines, Cycles – Air standard cycles, Fuel air cycles and actual cycles, Actual Indicator diagram for four stroke and two stroke engines, General fuel properties, ignition properties – octane and cetane rating, Materials for engine components

UNIT II Petrol Engines

Working and constructional details of petrol engines, Carburetor – constructional and working, types of carburetors, additional features in modern carburetor, A/F ratio calculation, Petrol Injection – introduction, Ignition – introduction and requirements, Battery and magneto coil ignition system, Electronic ignition system, Stages of combustion in petrol engines, Combustion chambers for petrol engine, formation of knock in petrol engine

UNIT III Diesel Engines

Working and constructional details of diesel engines, fuel injection – requirements, types of injection systems – inline, distributor pumps, unit injector, Mechanical and pneumatic governors. Fuel injector, Types of injection nozzles, Spray characteristics. Injection timing, Split and multiple injection, Stages of combustion in Diesel engines, direct and indirect combustion chambers for diesel engine, knocking in diesel engine, Introduction on supercharging and turbocharging

UNIT IV Cooling And Lubrication

Requirements, Types- Air cooling and liquid cooling systems, forced circulation cooling system, pressure and Evaporative cooling systems, properties of coolants for IC engine. Need of lubrication, Lubricants for IC engines – Properties of lubricants, Types of lubrication – Mist, Wet and dry sump lubrication systems.

UNIT V Modern Technologies In IC Engines

HCCI Engines – construction and working, CRDi injection system, GDI Technology, E – Turbocharger, Variable compression ratio engines, variable valve timing technology, Fuel cell, Hybrid Electric Technology