OCE552 Geographic Information System Syllabus:

OCE552 Geographic Information System Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Fundamentals Of GIS

Introduction to GIS – Basic spatial concepts – Coordinate Systems – GIS and Information Systems – Definitions – History of GIS – Components of a GIS – Hardware, Software, Data, People, Methods – Proprietary and open-source Software – Types of data – Spatial, Attribute data- types of attributes – scales/ levels of measurements.

UNIT II Spatial Data Models

Database Structures – Relational, Object Oriented – ER diagram – spatial data models – Raster Data Structures – Raster Data Compression – Vector Data Structures – Raster vs Vector Models- TIN and GRID data models – OGC standards – Data Quality.

UNIT III Data Input And Topology

Scanner – Raster Data Input – Raster Data File Formats – Vector Data Input –Digitiser – Topology – Adjacency, connectivity and containment – Topological Consistency rules – Attribute Data linking – ODBC – GPS – Concept GPS based mapping.

UNIT IV Data Analysis

Vector Data Analysis tools – Data Analysis tools – Network Analysis – Digital Education models – 3D data collection and utilisation.

UNIT V Applications

GIS Applicant – Natural Resource Management – Engineering – Navigation – Vehicle tracking and fleet management – Marketing and Business applications – Case studies.