MA8452 Statistics and Numerical Methods Syllabus:

MA8452 Statistics and Numerical Methods Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Testing Of Hypothesis

Sampling distributions – Estimation of parameters – Statistical hypothesis – Large sample tests based on Normal distribution for single mean and difference of means -Tests based on t, Chi-square and F distributions for mean, variance and proportion – Contingency table (test for independent) – Goodness of fit.

UNIT II Design Of Experiments

One way and two way classifications – Completely randomized design – Randomized block design – Latin square design – 22 factorial design.

UNIT III Solution Of Equations And Eigenvalue Problems

Solution of algebraic and transcendental equations – Fixed point iteration method – Newton Raphson method – Solution of linear system of equations – Gauss elimination method – Pivoting – Gauss Jordan method – Iterative methods of Gauss Jacobi and Gauss Seidel – Eigenvalues of a matrix by Power method and Jacobi’s method for symmetric matrices.

UNIT IV Interpolation, Numerical Differentiation And Numerical Integration

Lagrange’s and Newton’s divided difference interpolations – Newton’s forward and backward difference interpolation – Approximation of derivates using interpolation polynomials – Numerical single and double integrations using Trapezoidal and Simpson’s 1/3 rules.

UNIT V Numerical Solution Of Ordinary Differential Equations

Single step methods : Taylor’s series method – Euler’s method – Modified Euler’s method – Fourth order Runge-Kutta method for solving first order equations – Multi step methods : Milne’s and Adams – Bash forth predictor corrector methods for solving first order equations.