CS3311 Data Structures Laboratory Syllabus:

CS3311 Data Structures Laboratory Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2021


 To demonstrate array implementation of linear data structure algorithms.
 To implement the applications using Stack.
 To implement the applications using Linked list
 To implement Binary search tree and AVL tree algorithms.
 To implement the Heap algorithm.
 To implement Dijkstra’s algorithm.
 To implement Prim’s algorithm
 To implement Sorting, Searching and Hashing algorithms.


1. Array implementation of Stack, Queue and Circular Queue ADTs
2. Implementation of Singly Linked List
3. Linked list implementation of Stack and Linear Queue ADTs
4. Implementation of Polynomial Manipulation using Linked list
5. Implementation of Evaluating Postfix Expressions, Infix to Postfix conversion
6. Implementation of Binary Search Trees
7. Implementation of AVL Trees
8. Implementation of Heaps using Priority Queues
9. Implementation of Dijkstra’s Algorithm
10. Implementation of Prim’s Algorithm
11. Implementation of Linear Search and Binary Search
12. Implementation of Insertion Sort and Selection Sort
13. Implementation of Merge Sort
14. Implementation of Open Addressing (Linear Probing and Quadratic Probing)


At the end of this course, the students will be able to:
CO1: Implement Linear data structure algorithms.
CO2: Implement applications using Stacks and Linked lists
CO3: Implement Binary Search tree and AVL tree operations.
CO4: Implement graph algorithms.
CO5: Analyze the various searching and sorting algorithms.