CS3381 Object Oriented Programming Laboratory Syllabus:

CS3381 Object Oriented Programming Laboratory Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2021


 To build software development skills using java programming for real-world applications.
 To understand and apply the concepts of classes, packages, interfaces, inheritance, exception handling and file processing.
 To develop applications using generic programming and event handling


1. Solve problems by using sequential search, binary search, and quadratic sorting algorithms (selection, insertion)
2. Develop stack and queue data structures using classes and objects.
3. Develop a java application with an Employee class with Emp_name, Emp_id, Address, Mail_id, Mobile_no as members. Inherit the classes, Programmer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor from employee class. Add Basic Pay (BP) as the member of all the inherited classes with 97% of BP as DA, 10 % of BP as HRA, 12% of BP as PF, 0.1% of BP for staff club funds. Generate pay slips for the employees with their gross and net salary.
4. Write a Java Program to create an abstract class named Shape that contains two integers and an empty method named printArea(). Provide three classes named Rectangle, Triangle and Circle such that each one of the classes extends the class Shape. Each one of the classes contains only the method printArea( ) that prints the area of the given shape.
5. Solve the above problem using an interface.
6. Implement exception handling and creation of user defined exceptions.
7. Write a java program that implements a multi-threaded application that has three threads. First thread generates a random integer every 1 second and if the value is even, the second thread computes the square of the number and prints. If the value is odd, the third thread will print the value of the cube of the number.
8. Write a program to perform file operations.
9. Develop applications to demonstrate the features of generics classes.
10. Develop applications using JavaFX controls, layouts and menus.
11. Develop a mini project for any application using Java concepts.

Lab Requirements: for a batch of 30 students

Operating Systems: Linux / Windows
Front End Tools: Eclipse IDE / Netbeans IDE


On completion of this course, the students will be able to
CO1 : Design and develop java programs using object oriented programming concepts
CO2 : Develop simple applications using object oriented concepts such as package, exceptions
CO3: Implement multithreading, and generics concepts
CO4 : Create GUIs and event driven programming applications for real world problems
CO5: Implement and deploy web applications using Java