PR3311 Metallurgy and Materials Testing Laboratory Syllabus:

PR3311 Metallurgy and Materials Testing Laboratory Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2021


1. To study the testing methods and quantifying techniques for the mechanical properties of engineering materials.
2. To study the property changes by various heat treatments.
3. To gain practical knowledge in Microstructural analysis of various steels, cast iron, Nonferrous Materials and Heat-Treated steels.


1. Cooling curve- Pure metal and alloy (Pb-Sn).
2. Specimen preparation for macro – examination.
3. Specimen preparation for micro examination (steel/cast iron/non-ferrous alloys).
4. Quantitative metallography – Estimation of volume fraction, particle size, shape and distribution.
5. Heat treatments of Steel-Micro structural study: Annealing/ Normalising / Quench Hardening/Tempering.
6. Jominy End Quench Test.
7. Tension test of mild steel.
8. Torsion test of mild steel.
9. Impact test- Izod and Charpy.
10. Hardness test – Vickers /Brinell.
11. Compression test for Helical spring.
12. Fatigue test
13. Creep test.
14. Pin on Disc Wear test.


Upon successful completion of the course, students should be able to:
CO1: Awareness of procedure and methods of testing materials for evaluation of mechanical properties.
CO2: Experience in metallographic techniques and familiarization of microstructure of typical ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.
CO3:Ability to interpret the experimental results in relation with the applications.