MF4211 Automation and Metal Forming Laboratory Syllabus:

MF4211 Automation and Metal Forming Laboratory Syllabus – Anna University PG Syllabus Regulation 2021


1) To train the students on the basic concepts of metal forming processes
2) To determine metal forming parameters for a given shape.
3) To learn the automation systems using fluid power control systems
4) To learn and use automation studio software
5) To learn PLC and its importance in Fluid power applications


1. Determination of strain hardening exponent
2. Determination of strain rate sensitivity index
3. Construction of formability limit diagram
4. Determination of efficiency in water hammer forming
5. Determination of interface friction factor
6. Determination of extrusion load
7. Study on two high rolling process


1. Simulation of single and double acting cylinder circuits
2. Simulation of Hydraulic circuits
3. Simulation of electro pneumatic circuits
4. Simulation of electro hydraulic circuits
5. Simulation of PLC circuits
6. Software simulation of fluid power circuits using Automation studio.


At the end of this course the students are expected
1) To impart practical knowledge on bulk metal forming processes
2) Know various symbols used in Hydraulic and Pneumatic circuits
3) Conduct few sheet metals forming processes and analyse the parameters
4) Design hydraulic circuits for industrial applications
5) Learnt how to use automation studio