ME8093 Computational Fluid Dynamics Syllabus:

ME8093 Computational Fluid Dynamics Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Governing Equations And Boundary Conditions

Basics of computational fluid dynamics – Governing equations of fluid dynamics – Continuity, Momentum and Energy equations – Chemical species transport – Physical boundary conditions – Time-averaged equations for Turbulent Flow – Turbulent–Kinetic Energy Equations – Mathematical behaviour of PDEs on CFD – Elliptic, Parabolic and Hyperbolic equations.

UNIT II Finite Difference And Finite Volume Methods For Diffusion

Derivation of finite difference equations – Simple Methods – General Methods for first and second order accuracy – Finite volume formulation for steady state One, Two and Three -dimensional diffusion problems –Parabolic equations – Explicit and Implicit schemes – Example problems on elliptic and parabolic equations – Use of Finite Difference and Finite Volume methods.

UNIT III Finite Volume Method For Convection Diffusion

Steady one-dimensional convection and diffusion – Central, upwind differencing schemes properties of discretization schemes – Conservativeness, Boundedness, Transportiveness, Hybrid, Power-law, QUICK Schemes.

UNIT IV Flow Field Analysis

Finite volume methods -Representation of the pressure gradient term and continuity equation – Staggered grid – Momentum equations – Pressure and Velocity corrections – Pressure Correction equation, SIMPLE algorithm and its variants – PISO Algorithms.

UNIT V Turbulence Models And Mesh Generation

Turbulence models, mixing length model, Two equation (k-Є) models – High and low Reynolds number models – Structured Grid generation – Unstructured Grid generation – Mesh refinement – Adaptive mesh – Software tools.