EC3461 Communication Systems Laboratory Syllabus:

EC3461 Communication Systems Laboratory Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2021


● To study the AM & FM Modulation and Demodulation.
● To learn and realize the effects of sampling and TDM.
● To understand the PCM & Digital Modulation.
● To Simulate Digital Modulation Schemes.
● To Implement Equalization Algorithms and Error Control Coding Schemes.


1. AM- Modulator and Demodulator
2. FM – Modulator and Demodulator
3. Pre-Emphasis and De-Emphasis.
4. Signal sampling and TDM.
5. Pulse Code Modulation and Demodulation.
6. Pulse Amplitude Modulation and Demodulation.
7. Pulse Position Modulation and Demodulation and Pulse Width Modulation and Demodulation.
8. Digital Modulation – ASK, PSK, FSK.
9. Delta Modulation and Demodulation.
10. Simulation of ASK, FSK, and BPSK Generation and Detection Schemes.
11. Simulation of DPSK, QPSK and QAM Generation and Detection Schemes.
12. Simulation of Linear Block and Cyclic Error Control coding Schemes.


At the end of the laboratory course, the student will be able to understand the:
1. Design AM, FM & Digital Modulators for specific applications.
2. Compute the sampling frequency for digital modulation.
3. Simulate & validate the various functional modules of Communication system.
4. Demonstrate their knowledge in base band signaling schemes through implementation of digital modulation schemes.
5. Apply various channel coding schemes & demonstrate their capabilities towards the improvement of the noise performance of Communication system.


1. Trainer Kits for AM, FM, Signal Sampling, TDM, PCM, PAM, PPM,PWM, DM and Line Coding Schemes.
2. Trainer Kits for ASK, FSK and PSK.
3. CRO/DSO (30 MHz) – 15 Nos.
4. Signal Generators / Function Generators (3 MHz) – 15 Nos.
5. MATLAB or equivalent opensource software package for simulation Experiments.
6.PCs – 15 Nos.