AE8018 Air Traffic Control and Planning Syllabus:

AE8018 Air Traffic Control and Planning Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Basic Concepts

Objectives of air traffic control systems – Parts of ATC services – Scope and Provision of ATCs – VFR & IFR operations – Classification of ATS air spaces – Various kinds of separation – Altimeter setting procedures – Establishment, designation and identification of units providing ATS – Division of responsibility of control.

UNIT II Air Traffic Systems

Area control service, assignment of cruising levels – minimum flight altitude – ATS routes and significant points – RNAV and RNP – Vertical, lateral and longitudinal separations based on time / distance –ATC clearances – Flight plans – position report

UNIT III Flight Information Systems

Radar service, Basic radar terminology – Identification procedures using primary / secondary radar – performance checks – use of radar in area and approach control services – assurance control and co-ordination between radar / non radar control – emergencies – Flight information and advisory service – Alerting service – Co-ordination and emergency procedures – Rules of the air.

UNIT IV Aerodrome Data

Aerodrome data – Basic terminology – Aerodrome reference code – Aerodrome reference point – Aerodrome elevation – Aerodrome reference temperature – Instrument runway, physical Characteristics; length of primary / secondary runway – Width of runways – Minimum distance between parallel runways etc. – obstacles restriction.

UNIT V Navigation And Other Services

Visual aids for navigation Wind direction indicator – Landing direction indicator – Location and characteristics of signal area – Markings, general requirements – Various markings – Lights, general requirements – Aerodrome beacon, identification beacon – Simple approach lighting system and various lighting systems – VASI & PAPI – Visual aids for denoting obstacles; object to be marked and lighter – Emergency and other services.