OPT551 Fibre Reinforced Plastics Syllabus:

OPT551 Fibre Reinforced Plastics Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Introduction

Definition, Reason for composites, Classifications of composites, Thermosets – Epoxy; Unsaturated polyester resin; vinyl ester, polyimides etc., – preparation, properties, and uses.

UNIT II Reinforcements

Types, Properties, chemistry and applications of fillers such as silica, titanium oxide, talc, mica etc., Manufacturing process, Properties, structure and uses of Glass fiber-. Carbon, Aramid, Boron, jute, sisal, cotton

UNIT III Fabrications of Thermoset Composites

Hand layup method, compression and transfer moulding, pressure and vacuum bag process, filament winding, protrusion, reinforced RIM, RRIM, Injection moulding, of thermosets, SMC and DMC, Advantages and disadvantages of each method.

UNIT IV Testing of Composites

Destructive and non-destructive tests; Destructive- tensile, compression, flexural, impact strength, Hardness – Fatigue- toughness HDT, basic concepts of fracture mechanisms

UNIT V Applications of Composites

Aerospace, land transport, marine, structural, chemical plants and corrosion resistant products, mechanical engineering and energy applications sports, electrical, electronic and communication applications, biomedical applications, repairs and maintenance etc.,