EE3311 Electrical Machines Laboratory – I Syllabus:

EE3311 Electrical Machines Laboratory – I Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2021


 To expose the students to determine the characteristics of DC machines and transformers by performing experiments on these machines.
 To provide hands on experience to evaluate the performance parameters of DC machines and transformer by conducting suitable tests.


1. Open circuit and load characteristics of DC shunt generator- calculation of critical resistance and critical speed.
2. Load characteristics of DC compound generator with differential and cumulative connections.
3. Load test on DC shunt motor.
4. Load test on DC compound motor.
5. Load test on DC series motor.
6. Swinburne’s test and speed control of DC shunt motor.
7. Hopkinson’s test on DC motor – generator set.
8. Load test on single-phase transformer and three phase transformers.
9. Open circuit and short circuit tests on single phase transformer.
10. Sumpner’s test on single phase transformers.
11. Separation of no-load losses in single phase transformer.
12. Study of starters and 3-phase transformers connections.


At the end of the course students will be able to:
CO1: Construct the circuit with appropriate connections for the given DC machine/transformer.
CO2: Experimentally determine the characteristics of different types of DC machines.
CO3: Demonstrate the speed control techniques for a DC motor for industrial applications.
CO4: Identify suitable methods for testing of transformer and DC machines.
CO5: Predetermine the performance parameters of transformers and DC motor.
CO6: Understand DC motor starters and 3-phase transformer connections.