GE3361 Professional Development Syllabus:

GE3361 Professional Development Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2021


 To be proficient in important Microsoft Office tools: MS WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT.
 To be proficient in using MS WORD to create quality technical documents, by using standard templates, widely acceptable styles and formats, variety of features to enhance the presentability and overall utility value of content.
 To be proficient in using MS EXCEL for all data manipulation tasks including the common statistical, logical, mathematical etc., operations, conversion, analytics, search and explore, visualize, interlink, and utilizing many more critical features offered
 To be able to create and share quality presentations by using the features of MS PowerPoint, including: organization of content, presentability, aesthetics, using media elements and enhance the overall quality of presentations.


Create and format a document
Working with tables
Working with Bullets and Lists
Working with styles, shapes, smart art, charts
Inserting objects, charts and importing objects from other office tools
Creating and Using document templates
Inserting equations, symbols and special characters
Working with Table of contents and References, citations
Insert and review comments
Create bookmarks, hyperlinks, endnotes footnote
Viewing document in different modes
Working with document protection and security
Inspect document for accessibility


Create worksheets, insert and format data
Work with different types of data: text, currency, date, numeric etc.
Split, validate, consolidate, Convert data
Sort and filter data
Perform calculations and use functions: (Statistical, Logical, Mathematical, date, Time etc.,)
Work with Lookup and reference formulae
Create and Work with different types of charts
Use pivot tables to summarize and analyse data
Perform data analysis using own formulae and functions
Combine data from multiple worksheets using own formulae and built-in functions to generate results
Export data and sheets to other file formats
Working with macros
Protecting data and Securing the workbook


Select slide templates, layout and themes
Formatting slide content and using bullets and numbering
Insert and format images, smart art, tables, charts
Using Slide master, notes and handout master
Working with animation and transitions
Organize and Group slides
Import or create and use media objects: audio, video, animation
Perform slideshow recording and Record narration and create presentable videos


On successful completion the students will be able to
 Use MS Word to create quality documents, by structuring and organizing content for their day to day technical and academic requirements
 Use MS EXCEL to perform data operations and analytics, record, retrieve data as per requirements and visualize data for ease of understanding
 Use MS PowerPoint to create high quality academic presentations by including common tables, charts, graphs, interlinking other elements, and using media objects.