AE8003 Heat Transfer Syllabus:

AE8003 Heat Transfer Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Conduction

Governing equation in cartesian, cylindrical and spherical coordinates. 1-D steady state heat conduction with and without heat generation. composite wall- electrical analogy – critical thickness of insulation – heat transfer from extended surface – effect of temperature on conductivity- 1-Dtransient analysis

UNIT II Convection

Review of basic equations of fluid flow – dimensional analysis- forced convection – laminar flowover flat plate and flow through pipes-flow across tube banks. turbulent flow over flat plate and flowthrough pipes – free convection – heat transfer from vertical plate using integral method – empirical relations – types of heat exchangers – overall heat transfer coefficient – LMTD and NTUmethods of analysis.

UNIT III Radiation

Basic definitions – concept of black body – laws of black body radiation-radiation between black surfaces – radiation heat exchange between grey surfaces – radiation shielding – shape factor- electrical network analogy in thermal radiation systems.

UNIT IV Numerical Methods In Heat Transfer

1-D and 2-D steady and unsteady state heat conduction – composite walls-heat generation- variable thermal conductivity- extended surfaces analysis using finite difference method- Convective heat transfer- Stream function – vorticity method- creeping flow analysis-convection- diffusion 1-D, 2-D analysis using finite difference approximation. Numerical methods applicable to radiation heat transfer.

UNIT V Heat Transfer Problems In Aerospace Engineering

Heat transfer problems in gas turbines, rocket thrust chambers- aerodynamic heating – ablative heat transfer