ST4311 Practical Training (4 Weeks) Syllabus:

ST4311 Practical Training (4 Weeks) Syllabus – Anna University PG Syllabus Regulation 2021


 To train the students in the field work so as to have firsthand knowledge of practical problems related to Structural Engineering in carrying out engineering tasks.


The students individually undertake training in reputed engineering companies doing Structural Engineering during the summer vacation for a specified duration of four weeks. At the end of the training, a detailed report on the work done should be submitted within ten days from the commencement of the semester. The students will be evaluated through a viva-voce examination by a team of internal staff.


On completion of the course, the student is expected to be able to
CO1 Describe the Structural Engineering organization
CO2 Realize the various functions of construction activities
CO3 Gain an understanding of groups and group dynamics
CO4 Participate in real-life construction projects
CO5 Put to use the theoretical knowledge gained so far