ST4212 Structural Design Studio Syllabus:

ST4212 Structural Design Studio Syllabus – Anna University PG Syllabus Regulation 2021


 To design a structure using modern software tools available like ETABS, STAAD, STRAP, etc. and present it in the form of a complete detailed drawing. Students have to work individually with standard codes, computational tools and software packages for analyzing, designing and detailing a structure. A detailed report on the work done shall be submitted by individual students in the form of a report and presentation.


On completion of the course, the student is expected to be able to
CO1 Understand the requirements of a structure and model it accordingly using computer software
CO2 Analyze the structure for various loads and load combinations according to the relevant IS codes
CO3 Design and detail structures using computer software/tools and check the correctness using manual approximate methods
CO4 Prepare the complete structural drawings using computer software
CO5 Observe the flow of forces in a structure and its response to it.