CN4111 Technical Seminar Syllabus:

CN4111 Technical Seminar Syllabus – Anna University PG Syllabus Regulation 2021


 To work on a specific technical topic in Construction Engineering and Management in order to acquire the skills of oral presentation and to acquire technical writing abilities for seminars and conferences.


The students will work for two hours per week guided by a group of staff members. They will be asked to talk on any topic of their choice related to construction engineering and management and to engage in dialogue with the audience. A brief copy of their talk also should be submitted. Similarly, the students will have to present a seminar of not less than fifteen minutes and not more than thirty minutes on the technical topic. They will also answer the queries on the topic. The students as audience also should interact. Evaluation will be based on the technical presentation and the report and also on the interaction during the seminar.


CO1 Identify latest developments in the field of Construction Engineering
CO2 Identify latest developments in the field of Construction Management
CO3 Presentation Skills and ability to answer the queries during Interaction
CO4 Acquire technical writing abilities for seminars, conferences and journal publications
CO5 Use modern tools to present the technical details