CS3461 Operating Systems Laboratory Syllabus:

CS3461 Operating Systems Laboratory Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2021


 To install windows operating systems.
 To understand the basics of Unix command and shell programming.
 To implement various CPU scheduling algorithms.
 To implement Deadlock Avoidance and Deadlock Detection Algorithms
 To implement Page Replacement Algorithms
 To implement various memory allocation methods.
 To be familiar with File Organization and File Allocation Strategies.


1. Installation of windows operating system
2. Illustrate UNIX commands and Shell Programming
3. Process Management using System Calls : Fork, Exit, Getpid, Wait, Close
4. Write C programs to implement the various CPU Scheduling Algorithms
5. Illustrate the inter process communication strategy
6. Implement mutual exclusion by Semaphore
7. Write C programs to avoid Deadlock using Banker’s Algorithm
8. Write a C program to Implement Deadlock Detection Algorithm
9. Write C program to implement Threading
10. Implement the paging Technique using C program
11. Write C programs to implement the following Memory Allocation Methods
a. First Fit b. Worst Fit c. Best Fit
12. Write C programs to implement the various Page Replacement Algorithms
13. Write C programs to Implement the various File Organization Techniques
14. Implement the following File Allocation Strategies using C programs
a. Sequential b. Indexed c. Linked
15. Write C programs for the implementation of various disk scheduling algorithms
16. Install any guest operating system like Linux using VMware.


At the end of this course, the students will be able to:
CO1 : Define and implement UNIX Commands.
CO2 : Compare the performance of various CPU Scheduling Algorithms.
CO3 : Compare and contrast various Memory Allocation Methods.
CO4 :Define File Organization and File Allocation Strategies.
CO5 : Implement various Disk Scheduling Algorithms.