OEN751 Green Building Design Syllabus:

OEN751 Green Building Design Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Environmental Implications Of Buildings

Energy use, carbon emissions, water use, waste disposal; Building materials: sources, methods of production and environmental Implications. Embodied Energy in Building Materials: Transportation Energy for Building Materials; Maintenance Energy for Buildings.

UNIT II Implications Of Building Technologies Embodied Energy Of Buildings

Framed Construction, Masonry Construction. Resources for Building Materials, Alternative concepts. Recycling of Industrial and Buildings Wastes. Biomass Resources for buildings.

UNIT III Comforts In Building

Thermal Comfort in Buildings- Issues; Heat Transfer Characteristic of Building Materials and Building Techniques. Incidence of Solar Heat on Buildings-Implications of Geographical Locations.

UNIT IV Utility Of Solar Energy In Buildings

Utility of Solar energy in buildings concepts of Solar Passive Cooling and Heating of Buildings. Low Energy Cooling. Case studies of Solar Passive Cooled and Heated Buildings.

UNIT V Green Composites For Buildings

Concepts of Green Composites. Water Utilisation in Buildings, Low Energy Approaches to Water Management. Management of Solid Wastes. Management of Sullage Water and Sewage. Urban Environment and Green Buildings. Green Cover and Built Environment.