EC3361 Electronic Devices and Circuits Laboratory Syllabus:

EC3361 Electronic Devices and Circuits Laboratory Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2021


● To learn the characteristics of PN Junction diode and Zener diode.
● To understand the operation of rectifiers and filters.
● To study the characteristics of amplifier.


1. Characteristics of PN Junction Diode and Zener diode.
2. Full Wave Rectifier with Filters.
3. Design of Zener diode Regulator.
4. Common Emitter input-output Characteristics.
5. MOSFET Drain current and Transfer Characteristics.
6. Frequency response of CE and CS amplifiers.
7. Frequency response of CB and CC amplifiers.
8. Frequency response of Cascode Amplifier
9. CMRR measurement of Differential Amplifier
10. Class A Transformer Coupled Power Amplifier.


At the end of the laboratory course, the student will be able to understand the
CO1:Characteristics of PN Junction Diode and Zener diode.
CO2:Design and Testing of BJT and MOSFET amplifiers.
CO3:Operation of power amplifiers.


1. CRO/DSO (30 MHz) – 15 Nos.
2. Signal Generators / Function Generators (3 MHz) – 15 Nos.
3. Dual Regulated Power Supplies (0-30 v) – 15 Nos.
4. Bread Boards – 15 Nos.
5. BC107, BC547, BF195C, BFW10, IN4001, IN4007 – 25 each
6. SPICE Simulator


XYZ of Oscilloscope – Application note: Tektronix USA.