Alignment Perspective

Alignment Perspective: Senior managers see employees as strategic assets, but they don't invest in overhauling HR capabilities. Therefore, the HR system can't leverage management's perspective.

Compensation Perspective

Compensation Perspective: The firm uses bonuses, incentive pay, and meaningful distinctions in pay to reward high and low performers.

Personnel Perspective

Personnel Perspective: The firm hires and pays people but does not focus on hiring the very best or developing exceptional employees.

HR Scorecard

HR Scorecard: It is a tool for measuring the contribution of human resource management practices to the financial performance of an organization.

Employment Markets

Employment Markets: Employment markets do not function like stock or commodity exchanges where small changes in supply and demand have immediate affect.

Contingent Reward

Contingent Reward: Here the leader/executive management/organization provides rewards if, and only if; subordinates perform adequately and/or try hard enough.

Reward Management System

Reward Management System: The Rewards Management System is a multi product system that provides transaction-based rewards management.

Strategic Reward Management

Strategic Reward Management: Strategic reward management involves the formulation and implementation of an equitable reward system that is congruent with the organization's strategic objectives.

Task Interdependence

Task Interdependence: It reflects the extent to which team members have to exchange information and/or means for the completion of their contribution to the team task.

Reward Interdependence

Reward Interdependence: It is the interdependence created by the way in which the pay indicators of a team member are related to the pay indicators of other team members.

Behavioral Observation Scales (BOS)

Behavioral Observation Scales (BOS): The Behavioral Observation Scales (BOS) is a list of "critical" behaviors, which the supervisor has to rate in terms of frequency.

EFQM Model

EFQM Model: It is a nine-box business excellence model, intended to help an organization to conduct self-assessment in measuring their performance results in terms of financial and customer satisfaction.

Statistical Process Control

Statistical Process Control: It helps to quickly detect the occurrence of assignable cause or process shifts so that investigation into the process and corrective action there upon can be taken before any non-conforming units are manufactured.

Pay for performance bonus

Pay for performance bonus: Pay for performance bonus is the (financial reward one receives upon the achievement of the targets as set on the pay for performance indicators.