CE3361 Surveying and Levelling Laboratory Syllabus:

CE3361 Surveying and Levelling Laboratory Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2021


 At the end of the course the student will possess knowledge about survey field techniques


Chain Survey

1. Study of chains and its accessories, Aligning, Ranging, Chaining and Marking Perpendicular offset
2. Setting out works – Foundation marking using tapes single Room and Double Room

Compass Survey

3. Compass Traversing – Measuring Bearings & arriving included angles

Levelling – Study of levels and levelling staff

4. Fly levelling using Dumpy level &Tilting level
5. Check levelling

Theodolite – Study of Theodolite

6. Measurements of horizontal angles by reiteration and repetition and vertical angles
7. Determination of elevation of an object using single plane method when base is Accessible/inaccessible.

Tacheometry – Tangential system – Stadia system

8. Determination of Tacheometric Constants
9. Heights and distances by stadia Tacheometry
10. Heights and distances by Tangential Tacheometry

Total Station – Study of Total Station, Measuring Horizontal and vertical angles

11. Traverse using Total station and Area of Traverse
12. Determination of distance and difference in elevation between two inaccessible points using Total station


On completion of the course, the student is expected to
CO1 Impart knowledge on the usage of basic surveying instruments like chain/tape, compass and levelling instruments
CO2 Able to use levelling instrument for surveying operations
CO3 Able to use theodolite for various surveying operations
CO4 Able to carry out necessary surveys for social infrastructures
CO5 Able to prepare planimetric maps


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