Zener Effect

Zener Effect: Sometimes called high-field emission, this occurs when the intensity of the electric field becomes high enough to dislodge valence electrons in a reverse-biased diode.

Wien-bridge oscillator

Wien-bridge oscillator: An RC oscillator consisting of an amplifier and a Wien bridge. This is the most widely used low-frequency oscillator. It is ideal for generating frequencies from 5 Hz to 1 MHz.

Voltage Source

Voltage Source: Ideally, an energy source that produces a constant load voltage for any value of the load resistance. To a second approximation, it includes a small internal resistance in series with the source.

Voltage Regulator

Voltage Regulator: A device or circuit that holds the load voltage almost constant, even though the load current and source voltage are changing. Ideally, a voltage regulator is a stiff voltage source with an output or Thevenin resistance that approaches zero.

Voltage Follower

Voltage Follower: An op-amp circuit that uses noninverting voltage feedback. The circuit has a very high input impedance, a very low output impedance, and a voltage gain of 1. It is ideal for use as a buffer amplifier.