OAN751 Low Cost Automation Syllabus:

OAN751 Low Cost Automation Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Automation Of Assembly Lines

Concept of automation – mechanization and automation – Concept of automation in industry – mechanization and automation – classification, balancing of assembly line using available algorithms – Transfer line-monitoring system (TLMS) using Line Status – Line efficiency – Buffer stock Simulation in assembly line.

UNIT II Automation Using Hydraulic Systems

Design aspects of various elements of hydraulic systems such as pumps, valves, filters, reservoirs, accumulators, actuators, intensifiers etc. – Selection of hydraulic fluid, practical case studied on hydraulic circuit design and performance analysis – Servo valves, electro hydraulic valves, proportional valves and their applications.

UNIT III Automation Using Pneumatic Systems

Pneumatic fundamentals – control elements, position and pressure sensing -logic circuits – switching circuits – fringe conditions modules and these integration – sequential circuits – cascade methods – mapping methods – step counter method – compound circuit design – combination circuit design. Pneumatic equipment’s – selection of components – design calculations -application – fault finding – hydro pneumatic circuits – use of microprocessors for sequencing – PLC, Low cost automation – Robotic circuits.

UNIT IV Automation Using Electronic Systems

Introduction – various sensors – transducers – signal processing – servo systems – programming of microprocessors using 8085 instruction – programmable logic controllers.

UNIT V Assembly Automation

Types and configurations – Parts delivery at workstations – Various vibratory and non vibratory devices for feeding – hopper feeders, rotary disc feeder, centrifugal and orientation – Product design for automated assembly.